Victor Glover, Kate Rubins Among Artemis Astronauts Going to the Moon

Artemis Astronauts


At the eighth meeting of the National Space Council, the Artemis Generation Astronauts were announced, including veteran space travelers Kate Rubins and Victor Glover.

The astronauts going to the Moon and beyond are: Joe Acaba, Kayla Barron, Raja Chari, Matthew Dominick, Victor Glover, Woody Hoburg, Johnny Kim, Christina Koch, Kjell Lindgren, Nicole Mann, Ann McClain, Jessica Meir, Jasmin Moghbeli, Kate Rubins, Frank Rubio, Scott Tingle, Jessica Watkins and Stephanie Wilson.

“I think the best days for American leadership in space are yet to come,” said Vice President Mike Pence during the NSC meeting at Kennedy Space Center held underneath a suspended Atlas V rocket. “With the caliber of men and women who have stepped forward we will make history.”