Firefly Black Picked by NASA for Mission Two of Venture Class Launch Service Demonstration

Firefly Black - Courtesy

Firefly Black, LLC has been selected by NASA for the launch of Mission Two of the Venture Class Launch Service Demonstration contract.

Mission Two involves launch of two CubeSat constellations to a 550 km Sun-Synchronous Orbit, separated by a minimum of 10 degrees in plane change.

“Firefly Black is pleased to have been selected by NASA for this operationally challenging mission,” said Leslie Kovacs, company president. “We applaud NASA’s commitment to the nation’s emerging small launch industrial base and look forward to supporting America’s civil space launch needs for many years.

“The all-private development of our Alpha launch vehicle, and the impending completion of our Space Launch Complex 2 conversion at Vandenberg AFB, are on schedule to support the maiden Firefly Alpha launch in the first quarter of 2021,” Kovacs said. “The men and women of Firefly, and our supply chain partners, are excited by this partnership with NASA.”

Firefly Black will bridge demand between pure small launch capability and that provided by the National Security Space Launch program by providing a family of small-to-medium launchers and in-space transportation services.

Firefly Black, LLC, is the national security and civil space subsidiary of Firefly Aerospace. Firefly Black provides launch services to Department of Defense, intelligence community, and civil space customers seeking small-to-medium launch solutions for up to ten metric tons of payload to low earth orbit.

Utilizing Firefly Aerospace’s Alpha and Beta launch vehicles and Space Utility Vehicle, Firefly Black provides America with industry leading capability at the lowest cost per kg in the emerging small launch vehicle class.

Headquartered in Washington, DC, Firefly Black also performs Legislative and Executive Branch outreach and advocacy supporting the small satellite and small launch industries.