Going to Mars? Curiosity Rover Captures Images of Red Planet’s Panorama

Mars surface panorama - Courtesy NASA:JPL

Mars looks a lot like Escondido, California,  judging from a newly released panorama picture taken by NASA’s Curiosity rover.

The rover took more than 1,000 images during the 2019 Thanksgiving holiday and the panorama pic contains 1.8 billion pixels of Martian landscape. The image depicts the planet’s surface as rocky and dusty with plenty of open space.

The rover’s Mast Camera, or Mastcam, used a telephoto lens to produce the image and it used a medium-angle lens to produce a “lower-resolution,” (nearly 650-million-pixel panorama) that includes the rover’s deck and robotic arm.

The Mastcam was built by Malin Space Science Systems in San Diego which also operates Mastcam.

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory manages the Mars Science Laboratory mission for the agency’s Science Mission Directorate in Washington and built the Curiosity rover.