Major Stefanie Knox Named US Space Force Field Grade Officer of the Year

Stefanie Knox Award


Maj. Stefanie Knox has been named The United States Space Force’s Space and Missile Systems Center Field Grade Officer of the Year for 2019 it was announced.

Maj. Knox is the 61st Medical Squadron Health Care integrator and Medical Management director.  She received the major command’s lowest non-mission capability percentage of 6 percent, by expediting profile processing and streamlining the medical notes retrieval process, according to the US Space Force.

Major Stefanie Knox
Major Stefanie Knox

In addition, Knox worked towards infection control with the installation of medical sterilization equipment that achieved 99 percent dental medical readiness rate, the Space Force indicated.

Knox answered Space Force questions:

Q: What does the achievement of this award mean to you?

A: It takes a village to achieve anything, and this is no exception. This award truly highlights the amazing efforts of my medical management team and my supervisor and I am so fortunate to have supportive and motived individuals around me, never settling for good enough.

Q: When you think of excellence as it pertains to the SMC mission, what do you think of?

When I think of excellence as it pertains to the SMC mission, I think of the resilience of our SMC family. The last few months have proven we can overcome any obstacle in our way – we are now stronger and smarter than before.