Pilot ‘Sully’ Sullenberger Marks 12th Anniversary of ‘Miracle On The Hudson’ with Words of Courage

Sully Sullenberger - Courtesy

In marking the 12th anniversary of the “Miracle on the Hudson,” Captain Chesley B. “Sully” Sullenberger advised on Friday that when in the heat of a crisis, it’s vital to keep calm and cool.

Sullenberger became an instant hero when he guided crew and passengers aboard flight 1549 to safety, landing the commercial airliner safely in the Hudson shortly after takeoff from LaGuardia Airport in New York.

Sullenberger wrote in his personal blog that on that infamous day of January 15th, 2009, it took all his strength to summon the courage to keep his passengers, crew and plane safe in the face of danger.

Sullenberger blog - Courtesy
Sullenberger blog – Courtesy

“January 15, 2009 was the day 155 people aboard Flight 1549 experienced the sudden impact of an unforeseen crisis,” Sullenberger wrote. “On this day 12 years ago, a group of passengers, crew members and first responders were forced into an unimagined situation that was an emergency of a lifetime, and overcame the unknown by doing one thing: working together.

“I know that effective crisis management isn’t the result of a miracle, but instead the product of highly effective teamwork paired with preparation,” Sullenberger wrote. “And I think what we learned that day ripples far beyond the confines of the cockpit.

“When our daughters were growing up they sometimes referred to Lorrie and me as “Overly Prepared Parents” (OPPs, for short!). They rolled their eyes when we bought them roadside emergency kits to keep in their cars before going off to college.

“But with the passage of time they’ve grown to appreciate their childhood with “OPPs.” As they now say, “adulting is hard” and preparing for the small things can only help make bigger crises seem more manageable. (Needless to say, the roadside kits that made them roll their eyes have saved them a time or two!)

It’s safe to say that we’ve all faced similar challenges — big and small — over the last year, some for the first time, some ongoing, many still dealing with the aftermath. In an effort to better understand some of the common adversities that many of us face on a daily basis, I recently shared this post online, asking to hear from others who have questions on how to deal with a crisis.”

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