RIP Chuck Yeager, Beloved Test Pilot ‘Set Our Dreams Soaring’ says NASA

RIP Gen. Chuck Yeager - Courtesy

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine paid tribute to the late Chuck Yeager saying the renowned test pilot “set our nation’s dreams soaring into the jet age and the space age.”

Known as “The Fastest Man Alive,” Yeager passed away at 97 years old, it was announced via social media. Yeager broke the sound barrier when he tested the X-1 in October 1947.

Chuck Yeager – Photo courtesy USAF

“Today’s passing of Gen. Chuck Yeager is a tremendous loss to our nation,” Bridenstine said. “Gen. Yeager’s pioneering and innovative spirit advanced America’s abilities in the sky and set our nation’s dreams soaring into the jet age and the space age. He said, ‘You don’t concentrate on risks. You concentrate on results. No risk is too great to prevent the necessary job from getting done.’

“Among many firsts in more than 60 years in aviation, Chuck was the first man to fly at the speed of sound, and his achievements rival any of our greatest firsts in space,” Bridenstine said. “Not content to rest on his laurels, he went on to break his own record and travel at Mach 2.44.

“But even before that he was serving his country heroically in World War II,” Bridenstine said. “Long after he became a legend in his own time, he continued to serve his country through the military and later in his ongoing work to test new aircraft.”

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