Sikorsky and Boeing Introduce Defiant-X, The Army’s Futuristic Assault Vehicle

Sikorsky Owner Lockheed Drops Q4 Earnings

Sikorsky, owned by Lockheed Martin, and Boeing, have released details of their helicopter Defiant-X which will comprise the U.S. Army’s Future Long-Range Assault Aircraft competition, known as FLRAA.

Defiant-X is considered among the most maneuverable, fastest and “most survivable” assault helicopter.¬†It is expected to go into service in 2035.

Defiant-X is a weapons system that builds on the previous SB>1 Defiant. The helicopter is expected to change the way the Army fights, the company said. The aircraft enables crews to fly fast and low through complex terrain, land quickly, deliver soldiers and equipment to the objective area — referred to as “the X” — and get out.

Sikorsky said Defiant-X flies twice as far and fast as the Black Hawk helicopter it was designed to replace.

Defiant X - Courtesy Sikorsky and Boeing
Defiant X – Courtesy Sikorsky and Boeing

Lockheed Martin Technology Q4 Earnings

In related news, Lockheed released a mixed Q4 earnings report today.

Earnings per share from continuing operations was $6.38 billion on revenue of $17.03 billion.

The aeronautics division sales rose 5 percent to $6.7 billion on increased net sales for the F-16 program and higher sustainment and development contracts for the  F-35 program, the company said. Lockheed delivered 123 F-35 fighters in 2020, under its goal of 141.

Impacting its fourth quarter, Lockheed acquired Aerojet Rocketdyne last December for $4.4 billion.

The space division sales jumped 14 percent to $3.2 billion on higher net sales of government satellite programs.